Organic success online with Google and WordPress

We all want to be successful online and there is no shortage of companies offering you a quick way to get to the top of Google results. However the majority of these companies are useless and even if you have short term success with them you will need to continually pay them to keep those results.

Another problem with these businesses is that they are flouting Google’s rules and as many have recently discovered, Google is on the lookout for them! Google adds over 500 new rules to their search algorithm each year (so stay away from anyone who pretends to have worked it out) and the recent update dumped so many of these companies down the order. So my advice is to ignore them entirely and save your money.

So how do you become a success online with Google?

Simple, write effective unique content regularly targeting your audience and the location with which they operate – the more specific the better! If you are a local business write locally, mention places and local business names, invite others to write for you as well – ones that can compliment your offering. WordPress allows for multiple authors with multiple levels of permissions!

Being Effective

How do you do this effectively? You set aside time each week to write articles and post them regularly. Set aside a few hours on a specific day each week and take no calls or appointments during this time without any reasonable exceptions.

Regular Complaints and Excuses

If a client complains to me about their search results, I immediately look at their website and see how often they write articles. I can bet you my last dollar that they would have neglected this and to them I feel no pity and only offer them the advice I am offering you here.

Another regular excuse is not having the time. WordPress allows you to write from anywhere on any device including your mobile phone, so there is always a time where you can write an article an post it live. As an example I am sitting here on my laptop in a park waiting for a friend (who is usually late) so I just thought about writing this little article.


WordPress is the perfect tool for a successful online business, be it in services or to a lesser extent (not for long) with products. WordPress allow you to easily write news articles just like this one from any location where you have a connected device, WordPress is available through your browser on your Desktop, Laptop and has apps for your iPad or Mobile iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

You can write today and schedule articles to go up at different times, you can add audio, files, video, images and links quickly and easily.

So there is no excuse with a good clean supported WordPress website. There are plenty of resources online to learn and also a number of WordPress books on Amazon – although with WordPress these books quickly become out of date as the software is updated regularly.

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  • Our website has been the perfect vehicle (pardon the pun) for our business. We are currently updating to a new website and have noticed a drop in visits as a result of investing a lot of time in the back end of our new website and dropping away the posts on our current site. It still is the no. 1 driver of new business, coming a fair way behind is word of mouth referral and was once the only way we hit on new business. Our website was created by these guys, so totally recommend!! Agree with regular posting and posting about what you do best and offering help, advice etc to your existing and new client base.

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