Tea LC

The foundation of Tea LC began in the early 1960’s when, at five years of age, I remember experiencing my family’s tea lifestyle. The tender, loving care which were part of every pot and cup of tea played a major role in my life.

Tea has always been a very welcome guest at every family celebration. It has nurtured and uplifted us in times of sorrow or stress, provided unbeatable refreshment, as well as unleashing inspiration and courage to face the challenges that life can bring. The enjoyment of tea is a family tradition with precious friendships being made along the way.

Since 2007, I’ve spent many hours exploring how I can bring together my passion for tea and the belief that kindness and giving the gift of “feeling special” has a profound and positive effect.

Tea LC is the expression of my passions, values and beliefs which have been shaped by my family and other wonderfully kind and generous people I meet. People who have made me “feel special”.

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