Beach tennis has elements of tennis, badminton and beach volleyball. It is played on a court of 26¼ ft (8m) wide and 52½ ft (16m) long. The net height is 5’6’’ (1.7m). The game is mostly played in doubles, but it is also possible to play singles, for which the court will be made smaller. The rackets are called paddles and are completely solid (no strings), made out of wood, carbon, Kevlar or a combination. Beach Tennis is a fast and fun sport and easy to catch on for all levels and ages!.

The Beach Tennis Store is distributor of beach tennis equipment and can offer wholesale prices to resellers. If you are interested in selling beach tennis equipment in your store, club or community, please contact us for more information. You can contact us by email by clicking the l;ink below or by phone on +1.347.815.4423 and we will be only to happy to help you.

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