So you want a new website? Our services are not for everyone, but if you are looking for a site to promote your products, inform your customers then you cannot do better than get a blogging site. Ginga is a blogging consultancy where we pool the best contractors in the world to design and develop websites to suit your needs! Ginga manages the project from start to finish, so you can be sure that your project is delivered on time and to budget.

We set the layout and you control the content, from creating categories, links, pages and articles to uploading photos, files and images.

Google Analytics
All sites come with Google Analytics so that you can track your visitors each and everyday!

Wide range of additional features
Wordpress (our chosen platform) has hundreds of plugins that can be added to the system to suit your needs. Be it image galleries, online shopping or even videos and podcasts!

Hosting & Support
We host all sites, so all you need to do is login and update. We also provide FREE business hours telephone and email support. Costs are AU$50.00 per month for hosting and support. We have 3 dedicated servers are housed with the worlds number one dedicated hosting company Rackspace

Design and Development Costs
As with any development costs do vary, but you should be able to have a website up and running with all of the features present on this site – with your own look and feel for less than $3,300 inc GST (GST is for Australian clients only). Further customisations are quoted on a case by case basis!

RSS Ready
All of our sites are RSS ready out of the box. This means your customers can subscribe to receive all of your updates without providing an email address.

What is RSS? Suppose you have 50 sites and blogs that you like to visit regularly. Going to visit each website and blog everyday could take you hours. With RSS, you can subscribe to a website or blog, and get fed all the new headlines from all of these 50 sites and blogs in one list, and see what’s going on in minutes instead of hours. How cool is that?

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